Need motivation blogging as a developer?

I started this blog back in January with the best intent to post to it frequently. Initially my motivation was high. I was able to produce what I thought were a few well written posts on diverse subjects. But then, like so many other bloggers, I hit a wall. Every time I sat down to write something I would look at what I had already posted and had no idea what my next post should look like.  This led me to the question: Why is blogging as a developer so hard?

Free Blog Course

My frustration combined with this unanswered question led me where most developers default to when they are in this type of situation…Google.

It wasn’t long in this search before I came across a few references to a free email course available from John Sonmez so I decided to check it out. Initially, I was a pretty skeptical. The landing page where you can sign up for the course seems like a “too good to be true” shady marketing form (Sorry John). But, I figured I wasn’t making much progress on my blog so why not?

What I Learned

Fast forward one month, I have completed the course and I am so happy that I did. Each email in the course had great content that opened my eyes quite a bit as to where and why I was struggling. I won’t go into too much detail of the course in this post, but I do want to share my key takeaways:

  • Find a niche: A great point that John makes in the course is that for a blog to be successful, it needs to be focused on a niche. One of the reasons I have been struggling with writing consistently was I wasn’t focused enough on a particular topic. (When you actually set out to define a niche, it can be harder than you think. It actually took a number of email exchanges with John for me to finally nail one down.)
  • Plan your posts: Coming up with an idea for a post and then actually writing it all in one sitting is less than ideal. When you do have time to write, it is much easier to pick from a list that you maintain and have already put some thought into.
  • “Just Post It”: To generate traffic, you need to have content. To have content, you need to actually post something. It is very common to be hesitant to post something you have written that you feel isn’t perfect but at the end of the day, if you aren’t producing content your blog will never grow.

Try It Out

Like I mentioned above, I found the course to be worthwhile. If you are interested in signing up for the course, you can find it here. Also, to learn more about John Sonmez, check out his website: